The World of the Canopy…and Don’t Forget About the Teepees!

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What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! As I sit here on a Sunday night, I’m reflecting on the busy start to the year that I have had. This week we dragged ourselves out of bed at crazy hours and after a six week break, my work year began! After a lovely break, I’m happy to say my feet were getting a little itchy, and I found myself looking forward to getting back into some sort of routine, one that had been well and truly lacking for quite a number of weeks.

Holiday time also gave me the opportunity to scout social media and gain some inspiration and ideas for the year ahead. One item that has particularly intrigued me, has been how people are decorating their children’s nurseries and bedrooms with an array of gorgeous canopies.

If you have been following any children’s décor pages - whether it be on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest (my favourite) - you would have noticed the growing popularity of canopies and teepees. I would have to say they are definitely one of my favourite items and a real staple piece in any child’s nursery or play space. Not only are they classic and stylish but they are completely interchangeable, allowing you to alter the appearance of a room in minutes.

I will get to the teepees, but first let’s talk a little more about the canopies...

Throughout my online travels, I have found that canopies are best styled in the corner of a room and look especially striking when exposed to light, so the corner of the room nearest to a window, is certainly preferable.

Canopies also have the ability to capture one’s eye as soon as they enter the room, due to their sheer size and beautiful appearance. Mobiles, cushions, rugs and fairy lights also add such a special finishing touch to your canopy area.

So if your wanting to spruce up your child’s room without too much disruption, and are looking for that special area where your child can embrace their creativity, then the canopy is your new best friend!

Below are some of my favourite images, where each canopy has been styled and positioned in a bedroom setting:


 Image via @whitefoxstyling & @a_perfect_obsession

But what about the teepees I hear you say? Well similar to the canopy, you will have seen plenty of teepees taking over your Instagram feeds at rapid pace!

The teepee makes for a great addition to any child’s room, as we all know how much our little muses LOVE exploring and role playing, in a variety of inviting spaces.

Also great for Mummas who enjoy product styling, the teepee offers endless possibilities! We love to style the teepee with a fur rug for that comfy feel, or with the hugely popular ‘World Rug’ by OYOY to really inspire great adventures. Decorate with your child’s favourite cushions, soft toys or wooden treasures and you’re all set to go!

I just love the monochrome theme in this teepee scene below:

But above all else, we simply LOVE the teepee for its ability to hide all of those toys that are lying around when unexpected visitors drop in…perfect!!


Have a beautiful week Musers! xx


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