Monochrome Hopscotch Rug

  • $95.00

This fun, minimalist hopscotch rug by Swedish brand KAOS encourages children to play, whilst also helping children develop their balance and coordination skills.

After having a hard time finding children's rugs that were minimalist, monochrome and fit into a Scandinavian-themed home, it was then that the KAOS Hopscotch rug was born! Our hopscotch rug is clean and easy to combine with other colours, whilst also being versatile enough to be used in any room! The hopscotch rug works super in a hallway or in the kitchen too - who said doing dishes had to be boring!

Best of all? Both girls and boys just LOVE it!

Dimensions: 90cm x 170cm
Material: 100% cotton (soft)
Colour: Natural white with black print
Care: Do not machine wash. Wipe with clean cloth.

PLEASE NOTE: Anti-slip surface is recommended and must be purchased separately from your local provider of anti-slip surfaces.

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